About Me

Elena's Yoga is so much more than a regular business. It's a business with a passion, a mission and an ambition to achieve greatness! After practicing Yoga for 22 incredible years and teaching it for 11, I have come to realize the transformative power it holds. Yoga has helped me find self-love, feel confident with my body, boost my energy, and bring balance to my mind and body. And that is something I just have to share with the world! That's why I teamed up with my amazing husband and started this business, with the goal of helping others reach their full physical and mental potential. I want everyone to experience the same balance and joy that I have found through Yoga. This business is my way of spreading the message and encouraging people to take control of their health and their lives. I am on a mission to impact 10,000 lives by 2024 and I will pour my heart and soul into making that a reality. I am so passionate about helping others, and I won't stop until the world is a happier and healthier place!